Lambo Doors Vertical Doors Conversions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the conversion take to complete?
a: The typical install time for a first time installer is about 2-3 days. Since there are two full doors to modify we recommend having about a week to complete the mod. More experienced people may easily be able to finish the conversion in less than one full day. We normally recommend having the lambo door kits installed by an experienced body shop or mechanic.

What do the kits come with?
All of the lamborghini door kits that we promote included every single thing you will need to complete a hassle free installation on your vehicle. All kits are composed of the highest quality materials and are free from any defects. Please remember you get what you pay for! Don't be suckered in by cheap ebay kits imported from China as they won't fit your vehicle correctly or require excessive drilling and or moving of your vehicles stock door components.

Are the kits available for my vehicle? The Lamborghini Door Conversion will work on almost 99% of vehicles currently on the road. We have yet to discover a vehicle in which the conversion could not be completed. As you can see to the right the conversion can be completed on cars as well as suv's and trucks. When completing the mod on four door vehicles we recommend modifying the front two doors only to ensure thier is not too much strain on your vehicles frame.

How hard are the kits to install? Most kits, depending on your vehicle model are very easy to install. Although we always recommend having an experienced bodyshop or mechanic complete the install for you, most can be installed with regular hand tools.

Can the kits be removed if I know longer want them on the car? In short, yes, almost all kits can be easily removed just as easily as they were installed. High quality kits often do not require any welding or moving of factory door hardware. Be sure you buy quality and you will have no problems.

Picture Description Model Accessories Remark Price

Lambo door kit with 90 degree up LAD-002 With four gas springs For both small car & pick-up truck with heavy door $420

Lambo door kit with 90 degree up LAD-003 With four gas springs For both small car & pick-up truck with heavy door $420

Universal use lambo door kit(weld on)
With 90 degree up
CAD/CAM Designed
Precision CNC Manufactured
Highest Quality Steel
Operation Smooth/Anti-wobble
Custom Finished
Heavy Duty Gas Struts
Highest Quality Hardware
AUT-003 With four gas springs For both small car & pick-up truck with heavy door $950
Gas springs information:

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